1. (Source: firstlook.org, via ilovecharts)

  2. littlebigdetails:

    Google Camera - Shows a rotate icon while phone is vertical and in video mode, encouraging you to record proper horizontal videos.

  3. newyorker:

    Amazon recently engaged in a public dispute with Hachette, which has led to shipping delays for the books of many of the publishing company’s authors. In this video, Malcolm Gladwell discusses the crisis with Dick Cavett and Amazon’s “director of fulfillment”: http://nyr.kr/1kIxwCR

    Boy is this not funny.

    (Source: newyorker.com)

  4. dbreunig:

    Over the Verrazano.

  6. Bright moon tonight

  7. Not your average Empire State Building photo (at Bark Park South Mountain Reservation)

  8. North Florida blogs

  9. I think I spotted Anthony Weiner’s car outside the BI office just now. (at Emma’s Dilemma)

  10. Not what you want to see as you leave the subway station.